Welcome Message Of WVAC

On behalf of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the global veterinary community, I’m delighted to invite you to the 38th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2024) that will take place in Cape Town, South Africa on 29 – 31 March 2024.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to fulfil your continuing education needs in veterinary science, meet colleagues from all over the world, and visit the wonderful city of Cape Town.

The WVAC2024 will provide a unique and informative experience for veterinarians across all disciplines of the profession to come together to explore the challenges that veterinarians face not only regarding the health and welfare of animals, but also our environment.

The conference will host leading speakers from around the world to present and discuss the latest knowledge and innovations in veterinary medicine, demonstrating the value of the profession for the public good in our rapidly changing world. Given the continuing uncertainties of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting is being planned to accommodate both in-person and virtual participation.

Please join us in Cape Town to celebrate the veterinary profession, expand your knowledge and enjoy the magic of the region.

WVA President, Dr Patricia Turner

About WVAC 2024

World Veterinary Association Congress

The 38th World Veterinary Association Congress will be held from 29 to 31 March 2024 in the United Arab Emirates.

The World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC) aims to bring together veterinarians from all over the world to exchange experiences and knowledge in the fields of veterinary medicine. The most important themes of the 38th Congress of the World Veterinary Association are clinical veterinary therapy, public veterinary health, animal care, as well as technologies and innovations. The conference did not overlook the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on all areas of work and life, of which veterinary medicine is not an exception, so a space was allocated for it within the axes of Congress.

The Congress is an opportunity to introduce the community and school students in South Africa to veterinary medicine and its importance. The Congress will include more than 108 specialized educational workshops and lectures over the three days, with the attendance of about 40 lecturers from all over the world. Besides this, there will be an accompanying exhibition for veterinary companies, scientific universities, and government agencies. In the field of specialization, they meet together under one roof in the heart of Cape Town.

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