Dear Friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the South African Veterinary Association, it is with sincere thanks to each and every one who attended the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress in the picturesque city of Cape Town.

As we gathered for this momentous occasion, we were filled with excitement and anticipation for the invaluable exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences that lie ahead. This congress served as a platform for veterinary professionals from across the globe to come together, collaborate, and shape the future of veterinary medicine.

Cape Town, with its breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for our gathering. 

Throughout the congress, we have curated a diverse and engaging program that encompasses a wide range of topics spanning the breadth of veterinary science. From cutting-edge research to innovative clinical practices, we are confident that you have found inspiration and insights that will enrich your professional journey.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors, partners, and organizers whose unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing this event to fruition. Your dedication and commitment are truly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for joining us in Cape Town and the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress.

We trust this congress has been a memorable and enriching experience for everyone.

Dr Paul van der Merwe
President: South African Veterinary Association
Chairman: Local Organising Committee – WVAC2024

On behalf of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) and the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA), it was a pleasure and an honour to welcome you to the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2024), which was hosted in Cape Town, South Africa, from April 16 to 19, 2024.

“Resilience in the face of adversity” was the theme that inspired the WVAC2024. The World Veterinary Association Congress itself is a living example of resilience, considering that it has been held since 1863 despite two world wars, two pandemics, and the multiple crises that humanity has gone through. The selection of the Congress theme was absolutely relevant since strengthening veterinary resilience is a constant challenge because the profession offers diverse and demanding careers requiring versatile and resilient professionals.

The WVAC2024 provided a unique experience for veterinarians worldwide to come together to explore the challenges of the veterinary profession through the exchange of knowledge and dialogue across all veterinary disciplines, to find solutions where possible and to demonstrate the value of the global veterinary community as a public good in a changing world.

Within the Congress, we also hosted the Global WVA One Health Summit – “Coordinated and Sustainable Actions to Contain Antimicrobial Resistance.” It seeked to stimulate intersectoral and interdisciplinary dialogue to contribute to developing a shared global vision, narrative, and targets to tackle AMR and mobilize all relevant stakeholders.

Rafael Laguens
WVA President (2022-2024)