This Congress does not require the submission of formal papers. 


  1. On arrival at the convention centre, do not go to the Registration Desk. Rather proceed directly to the Speaker Room located in the CTICC, Meeting Suite 1.52, on Level 2 of the CTICC. Mrs Erika Kruger will meet you there to hand you your ID badge and Congress collateral. If you are not attending the full day of your presentation or the full Congress, please arrive at least 3 hours before your presentation to ensure the correct version has been uploaded on the presentation dispatch system.


General Information

  • Posters remains on view for the duration of the Congress.
  • Poster presenters must print their own posters and bring them to the Congress.
    • If you wish to print your poster in South Africa, you are welcome to submit your poster in print ready pdf format, to [email protected] by no later than Thursday 28 March 2024.
    • Cost for each print is ZAR 500.00. Payment to made here: Kindly reference your surname and poster number.
  • Poster boards and the means to attach them will be provided by the exhibition coordinators.
  • Presenters will be notified of which poster session they are allocated to. Each poster presenter must stand by their poster and present it to interested audience members during their allocated session in the programme.

Posters should be designed on the dimensions of A0 (A0 size print measures 84.1 x 118.4cm, 33.11 x 46.61 inches), and in portrait orientation (not landscape). It can be full colour or black and white (colour is recommended for visual effect). 

To facilitate clarity and readability, we recommend that delegates use a simple font (i.e. Arial, Calibri, etc.) and a minimum point size for Titles: 50; Headings: 40 and Body text: 20.

For more advice on scientific poster design delegates can refer to:

  • Erren TC, Bourne PE (2007) Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation.
  • PLoS Comput Biol 3(5): e102. Block, SM (1996). Do’s and don’ts of poster presentation. Biophys J. 71(6): 3527–3529.

Academic Poster Design Advice:

Posters will remain visibile for the duration of the congress.

Poster sessions will take place in the exhibition hall and will consist of 30 minutes.

Presenters have been assigned a Poster Session Time and are requested to present posters during the applicable sessions.

The audience of the WVAC includes veterinarians, animal health technicians, veterinary nurses, and para-veterinary professionals. It may also include non-academics. In order to engage in a meaningful dialogue between all participants it is important to use plain language in and during your presentation. 

Selling or marketing, whether direct or indirect, of your company or any service or product will be deemed inappropriate. Sales presentations are strictly prohibited. The Congress reserves the right to list your name and presentation topic for publicising and promoting your presentation and the WVAC2024.  The Congress reserves the right to publish your PowerPoint presentation in PDF format on its website and to be included in the proceedings of the WVAC2024, subject to no objection received from you in this regard.

Posters need to be removed between 13h30 and 17h00 on Friday 19 April 2024. All posters not collected by this time will be discarded.betwe